Project Description

Teva UK, Sales Conference,
Sheraton Edinburgh

Our Pharmaceutical client tasked us not only to stage their event and supply full production support but to also develop a creative method to present 10 managers messages in the form of a video clip.

The theme of the conference was ‘technology’ and after 3 days in a conference room our idea was to get the guests out in the fresh air and to visit some of the beautiful sights of the city.

As with many corporate companies, IT security is taken very seriously and delegates mobile devices are restricted to approved apps and programs. Working hard with IT services and with the brand team, we designed, developed and rolled out a custom application which was installed on all the delegates mobile devices during the event registration.

The ‘treasure hunt’ app highlighted various key landmarks around Edinburgh, which the small teams needed to find. Once they found their location, using Augmented Reality technology, the users would hold their phone up to the landmark and our software would recognise the landmark,  a celebration animation would then play followed by opening a link to play one of the 10 managers video clips.

As a treat, after landmark 5 the App gave instructions to head to a nearby Starbucks for a free coffee, we had loaded some Starbucks credit onto each phone during the App install. Once the teams had spent the morning walking around the scenic city of Edinburgh and watched these 10 short videos, our app then displayed a secret 11th location, which was back to the conference hotel for a private lunch.

Feedback on this session was extremely high from the delegates, the technology brief was met perfectly and the teams thoroughly enjoyed sightseeing in the city after a busy event.